Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pied Fantail

Since I didn't get any birds in Permatang Nibong earlier, I decided to try my luck at another popular birding site in Penang, known as Pulau Burung which is - Bird Island in English. So, as the name suggests, there are many species of birds in this area. Besides a number of water birds in the pond area, I managed to get a few shots of the mangrove birds around the pond. Among them is this very friendly 'Pied Fantail'

I was sitting in the car when I saw this bird having it's 'breakfast' of flies on the ground   ....

Still having breakfast on the ground

Breakfast over! off to work now!


  1. Lovely and nice posture of 'Mad Bird'.
    Look so tame, must be a juvenile. Adult sure "Gila" to photograph.

  2. The colour looks like a juve. Nampak belum betul2 gila lagi!

  3. Memang gila pun! I was shooting at 1/320 sec. to try and freeze the movement.