Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birds of Fraser Hill Part 2

08th April 2011, Fraser Hill


I was in Fraser Hill again a week later to capture more images of these ever present birds. Here are some of them.

This Lesser Racket-Tailed Drongo can be considered a permanent resident at Jelai Hotel, no bird photographer would ever leave Jelai Hotel without images of this fierce looking bird!

It is quite common to see these birds without the tail extensions.




Some LRT Drongo has pendant tipped tail shaft which can be up to 40cm long



Another favorite of Photographers at Jelai Hotel is this adorable pair of  Little Pied Flycatcher. The male bird certainly has bolder colors compared to the female




Female bird showing much less color compared to the male bird.




This male Black and Crimson Oriole also showed up briefly near the Hotel




Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birds of Fraser Hill Part 1

2nd April 2011


Due to a large number of images available, I’ll be posting in segments to keep the post manageable. I made the trip to the famous Fraser Hill to capture the images of these wonderful montane birds found in the area.

As soon as I turned the car into Jelai Hotel parking lot, I had to jammed the brake as there  were already 12 Singaporean photographers firing away their ‘Bazookas’ at the birds in the parking lot and it was only just after 7am! – a big salute to these guys for their determinations and dedications. Not wanting to miss the action, I quickly setup my gear and joined them immediately. Here are some of the images I captured during the trip.


Chestnut-Capped Laughing Thrush, among the most common birds found in the Fraser Hill area. Most photographers who have made repeated trips to this place would usually ignore these birds. Common as they are but to me they are still interesting watch and attractive to photograph.



How about having some sunshine under those tick infested feathers?




Another common bird in the Fraser Hills is this Long-Tailed Sibia. They are usually seen in noisy flocks of 5 to 10 birds. Some photographers considered them to be pests as they often chased away other birds found in their path.



Getting full body shots of them are always a challenge due to the extra long tail that they usually flick up and down when perched. I spotted a couple resting on a low branch and managed to capture a couple shots of this lovely couple.



Lovely! aren’t they?




Another common but very attractive bird of the Fraser Hill is of course this Silver-Eared Mesia. No bird photographer would leave Fraser Hill without bringing back images of this colorful and very pretty bird.