Monday, August 16, 2010

Black and Yellow Broadbill again

I’ll be off to Kenyir again for about 10 days on another job assignment. Since I may not be able to post regularly while in Kenyir due to poor internet access, I thought I’d post now so I can share some of the images of this lovely bird from my archive.

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that this is my favorite bird and I have quite a collection of their photos shot from various locations. These were shot near Sg. Telemong, Ulu Trengganu during my visit in June.



I was hiding behind a fallen log and dared not move for fear of scaring her away thus missing a clean shot.





Saturday, August 14, 2010

Banded Broadbill

Another specie from the Broadbill family. Although they closely resemble the Black and Yellow in both colors and songs, their behavior seem very different. Their preference for middle and upper storey make them very tough to get decent shots.

Here are some record shots from my previous encounters with these birds.





Thursday, August 12, 2010

Black and Red Broadbill

Here is another bird from the broadbill family that I would not pass up the chance to photograph whenever I get the opportunity. Even though they are usually less accommodating compared to their cousins, the black and yellow, they are still a joy to watch and capture their images.   

They are quite easy to locate in the forest due to their distinctive ‘rasping’ duck like calls.

Their unmistakable dark maroon-red, black upper parts and brightly colored bill of turquoise-blue upper mandible and yellowish lower mandible make them stand out against the greens of the forest.

Their habit of sitting still on their perch make them quite easy target to photograph.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Black And Yellow Broadbill

Their striking, bold colors coupled with those disproportionately large head, make them look almost like 
clowns, but to me, they are among the most adorable bird to look at and have been my most favorite target bird.   These are ‘cool’ birds, their habit of staying motionless on their perch make them quite easy to photograph. Listening to their songs evoke a feeling of calmness and tranquility in me. The quickening tempo and abrupt end of the songs mimic those R&B and Jazz music.  
They are usually found near rivers and streams in matured broad leaved forest. I’ve photographed them at various places including Ulu Trengganu, Ulu Kelantan, Ulu Perak and Kemensah area. Here  are some of the images of this wonderful bird that I’d like to share  with you.

These were shot near Sg. Buluh Nipis, in Ulu Trengganu. I was walking along the river bank when I heard that familiar ‘soothing’ song of this bird. I slowly moved in as close as I could and fired away  several shots.

As usual, shooting under thick canopy cover was a real challenge, available light seemed to be at a real premium. Seen here is a male bird identified by the full black ring around the neck

The size and shape of the bill justifies the name ‘Broadbill’

In order to keep the post small, I’d post the other images in my future posting.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rhinoceros Hornbill

Temengor, Grik, Perak

With their very loud calls and large size, it’s quite easy to notice their presence, but getting good shots of them in their natural habitat, proved to be quite a challenge.

It was a hot, bright afternoon and I was taking a break near the river when I heard that familiar ‘croaking’ calls and the ‘woosh, woosh’ sound of flying Hornbills. A pair landed on some trees not far from where I was sitting. As always is the case with bird photography in our tropical rain forest, getting clean shots of birds up in the canopy are a real challenge.

The female Rhinoceros Hornbill was perched on a branch but obstructions from leaves and branches prevented me from getting  clean shots.



With those 3XL size bill, reach is never going to be a problem for them..



Heard the call from the male and she’s getting ready to leave…..



I found the male on a different tree about 50m from where the female was, but the lighting was simply horrible!



Managed to get a few more shots before they moved deeper into the forest.