Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dark-Throated Oriole And Great Iora sharing the same habitat

May 2011, Kenyir


After numerous encounters with these two species, I noticed that on many occasions, if either one is sighted, the other is usually nearby, at least that’s what I found out in Kenyir …..


The Dark-Throated Oriole has got to be one of my favorite bird, it’s bold colors, sweet sounding song and confiding nature makes it one of the most interesting bird to observe and photograph…. 


Here is the Male Dark-Throated Oriole

Dark-Throated Oriole1  

Dark-Throated Oriole2


Female Dark-Throated Oriole

Dark-Throated Oriole3 

Dark-Throated Oriole4


Even though of a different different species, this Great Iora seem to happily accommodate the presence of DT Oriole….I believe they both share the same food source too…

Great Iora1  

Great Iora2

Great Iora3

Great Iora4