Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Common Flameback

It is very much easier to photograph birds in City Parks compared to those in the forest, probably because these birds are used to seeing humans in their habitat. I had this experience recently during my morning walk at the Kelana Jaya Park. I noticed some bird activities at a section of the park. As I got closer, I saw  this pair of Common Flameback foraging quite low near the ponds’ edge. I quickly ran to the car and grabbed the gear to get a couple of shots of this amazing bird. Here are the images that I managed to capture during my ‘unplanned’ birding trip.

This female Flameback allowed me to capture a couple of shots before she moved to a much higher spot in the tree.





Unfortunately, the male was not too accommodating, I had a tough time trying to get  good shots of him.




Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bulbul of Malaysia Part 4

Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating the Chinese New Year and I’d like to wish all my Chinese friends a ‘Happy, Prosperous and Abundant New Year!’ Gong Xi Fa Chai.


This is the final installment of my Bulbul series for the moment. These 3 species of Bulbul share the same habitat and coloration.

The Black-Crested Bulbul, commonly found near edge of forest, usually in pairs.




Like the Black-Crested Bulbul above, the Grey-Bellied Bulbul are usually seen in pairs near the forest edge.





The Black-Headed Bulbul are usually seen in small flocks within the same area as the other 2 Bulbuls above.

20110119-ARI_4891 ARI_5570-38