Friday, April 6, 2012

A really Great Couple….the Greater Flameback Woodpecker

December 2011, Batu Kawan Penang


I’ve always been fascinated by Woodpeckers….not only are they ‘physically different’ from other birds, their behavior make them even more unique….in fact they are the only bird that can ‘play the drum’ with their bill!

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to to photograph this very accommodating couple during my visit to this fast disappearing mangrove area.


I spotted this female on a mangrove tree at the edge of a track. She seem to ignore my presence giving me some luxury to get a few shots..



After a few shots, she moved to a nearby tree…



She seem to be very curious of my presence…..but she allowed me to continue capturing her beautiful features….



Finally she decided to change her perch to a more ‘horizontal’ branch….. not their favorite perch but something that I’ve been hoping for…



The constant movement of the female bird must have attracted the male to come out from the thick mangrove forest.



Well, he is so handsome isn’t he….




Looked as if he has just visited the hairdresser!