Monday, May 31, 2010

Hidden 'Jewels' of Kenyir

The word 'Kenyir' reminds me of those large 'toman, sebarau, kelah, baung' etc. which I used to get during my fishing trip in the 90s. Even though the authorities are still promoting Kenyir Lake as a great fresh water fishing destination, the truth is almost everyone who fish in Kenyir now days will be disappointed with the catch. In short - don't go to Kenyir if you only want to fish, it's not worth it !

Actually, Kenyir has much more to offer to the visitors besides fishing. Take a look at the images below, these were captured during my routine visit to the Saddle Dams. What makes it more interesting is that you can find various species of birds at these places such as Hornbills, White-rumped Shama, Bulbuls, Bee Eaters etc.

Saddle Dam F, where I shot the babblers which was posted earlier.

I've got White-rumped Shama at Saddle Dam D

Black-headed Bulbul and Great Hornbill from Saddle Dam E

So if you love nature photography and fishing, besides your fishing gear, bring your 'teles', wide angle and macro lenses as well - at least you'll have some 'catch' to take home....


  1. Fantastic landscape work.
    Lovely composition and water reflexion.

  2. Nice contrast of the craggy rocks against the water and blue sky. Long time since I went to Kenyir, 1997. Excellent landscape shots.

  3. After the bird...the landscape to is pretty nice!