Monday, May 24, 2010

Lovely Couple

Birds are known to be 'mate' for life.... something which we the human race could not truly claim to be...

Take a look at this House Sparrow, they look so accommodating and lovely, don't they?

This Chestnut-Winged Babbler pair were always together, never let the mate stray out of sight even for a moment...........

It's the same with this White-Breasted Waterhen

Oriental Pied Hornbill too........


  1. Wow!.. great 'birds in love' set!
    That Chestnut-Winged Babbler couple is my pick.

  2. Judging from these photos, no need to 'berguru'anymore, you've graduated. At last you got your CW Babblers which eluded you in Kemensah! maybe need to use a smaller aperture for better DOF and reduce the intensity of the flash.
    For the OP hornbills, adjustment on RECOVERY may be required to recover the details lost on the bills.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Tabib and thanks for your advice Madi, I believe the learning process will never end and I'm just at the starting line of the journey, I still need to 'berguru' from you!

  4. Those are Tree Sparrows, not House Sparrows. Note the cheek dots.