Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Babblers of Kenyir

I didn't know that Black-Throated Babblers are quite rare in other places until I read Madi's posting. Even though  they are not as common as the Chestnut - Winged Babblers, their songs and calls can be heard almost everywhere around Kenyir Lake. I managed to get a few shots of this shy babbler recently while working at Saddle Dam F, Kenyir.

This Chestnut-Rumped Babbler is another common resident of Kenyir. You'll know when they're around by their loud & 'boisterous' singing ...

Mention the name 'Babblers' and the first image flashed in our mind is this very common and 'ever-friendly' Chestnut-Winged Babbler.



  1. Great shots Ari!
    There are not rare in the right habitat - forest.

  2. Great shots of the Babblers. Shooting babblers is a challenge in itself.The CR Babbler is a new one on me.

  3. Beautiful! The really rare, five-star babblers are White-necked and Grey-breasted. If you see any - let me know!!


  4. Thanks all of you for the compliments and the info, Dave, surely will let you know if I come across the White-necked & Grey-breasted babblers.