Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Large Woodshrike, Green-Billed Malkoha and Red-Billed Malkoha

Bukit Tinggi, 15th March 2011


While waiting for the Blue and White Flycatcher to show up, I noticed bird activities on some trees near the left side slope of the nursery. Upon locking the focus, the bird turned out to be a handsome Large Woodshrike.

Seemed that this Large Woodshrike has been picking out what looked like a cockroach from cracks in the bark of a nearby tree – what an efficient hunter he is!




He  smashed the cockroach on the branch a couple of times before swallowing it.




About 10m to the right of the tree where I saw the Large Woodshrike, I saw this Green-Billed Malkoha enjoying the sunshine.



Getting a clean shot of this bird is always a challenge.




Just as I was about to leave for home, this Red-Billed Malkoha showed up briefly on a tree not far from where the Green-Billed Malkoha was earlier. Of course my very poor shots did not do justice to this beautiful bird. Hopefully I’ll meet this beauty again.




  1. I love this set of images - especially the rb malkoha. Well done.

  2. Glad to see your new images, your bird are always so new to me! Great serie once again!

  3. The red billed Malkoha @ BT keeps giving me the slip. I know I'll get her one day. Nice shots.

  4. I always love to see those colourful malkohas of the south. In northern Thailand where I live, there's only 1 species of malkoha, the Green-billed, and it can't be compared to those beautiful Raffle's, Chestnut-breasted or this Red-billed.