Friday, April 1, 2011

Blue and White Flycatcher

Bukit Tinggi, 15th March 2011

After reading Madi’s blog (madibirder.blogspot), I knew I had to get some shots of this rare winter visitor and I had to get it fast before it leave Bukit Tinggi. I was working in Hulu Perak since the first week of March and  was supposed to continue on to Kenyir, Trengganu, but I made a detour through Selangor and Pahang with a short break, up in Bukit Tinggi. Here are the ‘reward’ I received for my effort.




Unfortunately, this bird was still molting, it would’ve been spectacular if he’s got his full plumage on.





Thanks Madi for sharing your images earlier.


  1. Interesting bird! I guess he must be awseome on its nuptial plumage ;)

  2. I had intended to go to BT to see how the colours have changed but you beat me to it. She looks so different from the last I saw her. Would be interesting if she delays her migation north until she has fully moulted.

  3. Bad news for you Madi, I was in BT last Friday, Zaidi told me that this bird has long disappeared from BT, I guess we'll never see his full plumage this year!

  4. when was this? not fair..LOL...lovely capture Mr Ari...well done..

  5. That bird is in a heavy state of moult Ari and you got some really excellent shots of it. Is it spring where you are, but if so shouldn't the bird be in prime condition now?

  6. Beautiful, love the background in the last pic.