Monday, April 11, 2011

Black-Naped Monarch

Kenyir 22nd March 2011


I was walking along a path early one morning when I saw this brilliant purplish-blue bird flew across my path. After searching for a while I managed to spot the bird perched on a low branch not too far from my position but the low lights in our thick tropical jungle make photographing this quick moving bird a real challenge.

A male Black-Naped Monarch



I managed to get a few shots before he disappeared into the forest. About 15 minutes later,much to my surprise, the same bird returned to the same area and this routine continued for about an hour. My suspicion proved to be correct when I spotted this well hidden nest about 20m from my hide.

I managed to get some shots of this couple building their nest.




The tasks of building the nest were equally shared by both male and female bird.






She must be very satisfied with the nest….. look at the big smile!…



  1. Amazing shots Ari, and what a fantastically coloured bird.

  2. Magnifique série!
    j'ignore d'ou sort ce bel oiseau, il a l'air de poser sans aucune crainte, c'est magique !

  3. nesting! are we gonna see a follow thru until the chicks hatch?

  4. Beautiful Monarch and what an opportunity for a follow thru. Great shots crisp and clear .

  5. tabik tabik...well done & congrats,

  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments, I'd love to do a follow through but I won't be able to visit Kenyir until early May, if there's anybody visiting Kenyir soon, let me know and I'll give you the location.

  7. This is one of the nicest bird i have ever seen! And your images are gorgeous! Im sitting still and hypnotized in front of my screen!

  8. Just came back to admire this serie of images! I still can't belive how nice thise bird his!!!!

  9. Amazing!..Love the bird's colour and you've portrait it superbly..

  10. Every times I open this page and see all the photos, it really make me speechless and spellbound by the colors of the birds. Its awesome and it make me realise the greatness of God.