Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thick-Billed Warbler

18th January 2011,  Kenering, Gerik, Perak


Looks like I’ll have to take a break from posting my Bulbul series due to this ‘interesting’ development: I was at a clearing near the Kenering Dam when I noticed some bird activity near a clearing. As I reached the area, I noticed a few pairs of Grey-Bellied, Cream-Vented and Red-Eyed Bulbul busily feeding on a small tree. While walking toward the tree where the Bulbuls were, a small, plain colored brownish bird flew across my path and perched on some tall grass beside the track. I managed to get a couple of shots before it disappeared into the bushes.  Thinking that this could either be a Horsfield’s or Abbot’s Babbler, I didn’t pursue the bird again. Upon checking the C. Robson Guide, I realized that this was not a Babbler. Due to my limited knowledge and experience in bird ID, I posted the images in PhotoMalaysia bird forum. From the responses in the forum, the bird was identified as a Thick-Billed Warbler – a rather rare bird in Malaysia.

Here are the images of the bird that I managed to capture. Could this really be a Thick-Billed Warbler?

20110118-ARI_4781 20110118-ARI_4766


20110118-ARI_4780 20110118-ARI_4771

20110118-ARI_4757 20110118-ARI_4776


Hope to get comments from all the experts out there…..


  1. Sure looks like one..... based on the guide book cause I've never actually seen one. What a catch.

  2. Agreed!
    mind tell me which part of grik? I will be heading towards temmenggor this weekend

  3. Thanks everyone for the compliment. Terence if you want to go to this spot just drive from Gerik to Lenggong, after 30km lookout for signboard to Empangan Sultan Azlan Shah, Kenering. Take a left turn and drive towards the dam for about 1km, about 100m from the Dam Gate turn into a gravel road and drive for 500m until you reach a sharp right hand bend, park your car and walk about 50m into a young rubber tree plot, I shot the bird on the right hand side of the track. Hope this helps, contact me if you need further assistance.

  4. Hi Ari

    It would be great if you could download a copy of the Rare Record Form from here:
    fill it in and send it to me, together with your pics, to digdeep1962atyahoodotcom.



  5. Thanks for the invitation, Dave. I've already sent the Rare and New Record form to and to you at

  6. Thanks for the info. Heading to Temenggor tomorrow

  7. nice find, and well done. I have seen one my self too.

  8. Not only a great find Ari, but spot on pictures to confirm your sighting. I can tell you are quite excited about this find - so would I be.