Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bulbul of Malaysia Part 4

Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating the Chinese New Year and I’d like to wish all my Chinese friends a ‘Happy, Prosperous and Abundant New Year!’ Gong Xi Fa Chai.


This is the final installment of my Bulbul series for the moment. These 3 species of Bulbul share the same habitat and coloration.

The Black-Crested Bulbul, commonly found near edge of forest, usually in pairs.




Like the Black-Crested Bulbul above, the Grey-Bellied Bulbul are usually seen in pairs near the forest edge.





The Black-Headed Bulbul are usually seen in small flocks within the same area as the other 2 Bulbuls above.

20110119-ARI_4891 ARI_5570-38

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  1. Hi Ari, I knew when I got back from holiday I would find some great birds on your blog as your pictures never disappoint. The Grey-bellied Bulbul is captured really well, showing off the contrasting colours.