Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rufous-Winged Philantoma

Kenyir Lake, Trengganu


Hope it’s not too late to wish everyone a ‘Happy and Prosperous New Year’. I was on assignment in the East Coat area since early December and have been without internet access for the whole duration.

The wet season in the East Coast area at this time of the year restricted my photography activities to absolute minimum. Searching through my archive, I found a few photos that were yet to be posted. Among them are photos of this Rufous-Winged Philantoma.

I had my gear setup for the shots of the Scarlet-Rumped Trogon on a tree about 10m away when this bird showed up hardly 3m in front of me! I didn’t have time to remove the flash extender and reset the gear resulting in images with overpowering flash presence.  Could have been better with a much lower flash power. 




She seem very curious to investigate the photographer!




Well, nothing interesting looking at a man standing behind some weird looking equipment!…… these could have been her thought before she disappeared into the forest…..



  1. Yet to get this guy. I went to the old Gombak rd last friday when I was told they could be found there. Alas, no luck.

  2. come across this species twice at Tmn Negara Kuala tahan, no photo...yet.

    you will get plenty of chance on the Scarlet Rumped Trogon...

    Nice shots

  3. Awseome bird, great shot's you got here ;) Happy new year!