Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flame of the Forest – Scarlet-Rumped Trogon

Kenyir, 27th-30th October 2010

To a bird photographer, sighting this bird in it’s natural habitat is similar to a ‘motor head’ sighting a scarlet Ferrari on the highway . They evoke feelings of excitement and admiration which words alone could not accurately describe.
I stumbled upon this male Scarlet-Rumped Trogon by ‘accident’. I was shooting at a fruiting tree where there were a few birds feeding, mainly bulbuls and barbets when suddenly a bright red bird flew across my line of sight and perched on a nearby tree.
Once in focus, the super bright, deep, pink color of the underparts looked as if it was about to ‘explode’ through the viewfinder.
If colors could start fire, then this bird would be the prime suspect for those forest fire!

In contrast to the underparts, the soft brown upperparts coupled with whitish wing vermiculations, made him look very attractive.

A very attractive bird indeed…….

A ‘Darth Vader’ in red!


  1. I always love the colorfull bird you show us! Those are no exception...those image are great and the bird is very nice!

  2. It's a colourful bird of the forest which I've still yet to see. Hope to find them there in Merapoh in March ;-)

  3. Beautiful shots of the SRT! One of my all time fav in Panti indeed!

  4. Welcome to Malaysia, Ayuwat, yes, Merapoh in March should be wonderful..

  5. safiyyah post a question to tok ari;burung tu lawa,ermm kenapa burung tu jarang jumpa?

  6. Safiyyah, thanks for visiting my blog. Burung jenis ni biasanya ade kat kawasan hutan besar saje, mungkin sebab tu jarang orang jumpa.

  7. A stunning bird Ari and I can understand how excited you were to get the opportunity to take pictures.The colours are just so unreal and to capture them in such detail says a lot about your photographic skills.

  8. Wow! beautiful, Ferrari Trogon.