Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scarlet-Backed Flowerpecker

This is another one of my favorite ‘target practice’ bird. This tiny little bird is super quick in its’ movements and trying to get it in focus is always a challenge to a photographer. Anyway these are some of my shots of this wonderful bird captured  in February 2010.

Even though these images were captured at about 6pm, the lighting was still quite harsh, probably due the clear sky. 



These images were shot  on an open ground on the bank of Sg. Trengganu, near Kg. Temir, Kuala Brang. Note that the bird was feeding on ‘senduduk’ fruit.



This ‘senduduk’ fruit has a tough skin, it is amazing to see this tiny little bird crushed the fruit effortlessly …



The fruit disappeared within just a few seconds! These birds not only move very fast, they can also eat very quickly….



  1. Hi Ari

    Flowerpeckers love these fruits. If you look carefully, you can see that they actually squeeze out the flesh and swallow it, and throw away the skin, which is quite prickly and, as you say, tough.


  2. nice feeding shots, and the best chance of making a good shot is when they are feeding.

  3. Very nice photos of this beautiful little bird!
    These flowerpeckers are not easy to take good photos of!

  4. Beautiful 'Kopiah Merah' eating 'Senduduk Bulu' (Clidemia hirta).

    Not posting pic lately because of no new bird sps to show, my PC's hard disk kaput and I have a new hobby - MTB ;).
    Now got a new desktop and now busy uploading and learning a new program. Will upload a common birds soon.