Monday, July 19, 2010

Malaysian Hawk-Cuckoo From Temengor


I was at Temengor Dam in Gerik, Perak  last Thursday and during my break I went for a walk along the left-bank of  Perak river, downstream of the Dam. While waiting for a Blue-eared Barbet to come within range, I spotted this Hawk-Cuckoo perched on a low branch below the  Barbet which was singing high up the canopy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a clear shot of the bird. I tried to get to a better location but the bird disappeared from it’s perch. Well, I believe most bird photographers know the feeling when their target simply disappear in a flash.



I guess luck was on my side when suddenly this very secretive and quiet bird appeared again with food between  it’s bill and landed on another branch giving me a chance to get better shots.



Notice what  his lunch was? It’s a caterpillar! It made my hair stand when I saw the image on the monitor. Caterpillars are among the creatures that are to be avoided at all cost! I’ve had a couple of painful experience previously where these ‘crawlies’ got under the clothing and you’d feel as if the skin was about to explode!



To him this caterpillar is a tasty meal, must be…



As soon as he swallowed the caterpillar, he quietly disappeared into the belly of the forest again, leaving me with a few frames of blurred images of BIF. This was my last shot before he flew away.



  1. Great catch for Hawk-Cuckoo and photographer.

  2. Brilliant looking bird Ari and the last shot is just perfect. You call it "he", are the sexes different, I just think it looks like a young bird

  3. nice clean perched photos, great job.

  4. Nice series of shots. Ideal perch

  5. You're very lucky indeed!
    Love the series of the bird eating that caterpillar.

  6. Thanks everyone for the C&C, and you're right Phil, this bird must be a juvenile.