Friday, August 12, 2011

Blue-Banded Kingfisher

Ulu Paip, Kulim, April 2011

Among the less common of Kingfishers in Malaysia, a friend invited me on a trip to Ulu Paip to watch & photograph this rarely seen Kingfisher… Low light conditions make photographing this quick bird a tough challenge….

BlueBanded KF1

BlueBanded KF5


This bird is a very accomplished hunter…..diving into the fast stream and catching preys like this one….

BlueBanded KF4  


I was caught by surprised when the bird showed up briefly, with a lizard in the mouth, unfortunately I only managed just this single, very poor shot… I know that Blue-Banded Kingfishers feed on both marine as well as land animals.

BlueBanded KF7 

BlueBanded KF2


  1. It is a very beautiful bird. I like the blue and I love it.

  2. Kingfishers are fast little devils Ari but I reckon you got some great pictures there.

  3. These are superb shots of a very beautiful Kingfisher. They are indeed tough birds to see. That one shot is quite revealing, I've never seen a Blue banded Kingf with a lizard between the beak before. Well done Ari.

  4. agree with Madi, these shots are just lovely.

  5. Very nice bird, what an impressive beak!