Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

April 2011 Jeli, Kelantan

Getting a decent ‘clean’ shot of this unusual looking bird has always been a challenge for me. Their preference for the thick undergrowth below the forest canopy make the task much tougher.I’ve been trying to photograph this ‘hard to see’ bird for quite sometime without much success. I guess lady luck must be smiling on me when I stumbled upon this lovely couple out in the open not far from where I was standing.




Their extra long tail certainly add to that ‘exotic’ look ….



The female bird showed up briefly, allowing me to get a couple of shots…




Further up the track I had another encounter with another bird with a slightly different ‘hair style’ and shorter tail.. Could it be a juvenile or a different morph?




The ‘Star’ of the trip has got to be this rarely seen White Morphed Asian Paradise Flycatcher. Unfortunately, this particular bird only allowed me a couple of ‘hurried’ shots before he disappeared into the forest.



I couldn’t get the tail into the frame as the bird showed up too close to me and I was already at the edge of a drop off..




This distant shot shows the actual length of the tail…..truly remarkable!



  1. Like #3 on a nice clean branch and background. Too bad the white is not...

    Well done.

  2. Wonderful shots Ari and with that colouration I don't think there could be a better name than a Paradise Flycatcher - maybe "Superb Flycatcher"?

  3. Hi Ari

    I think you've got four males here, though with a range of central tail lengths. The shortest tailed bird can (I think) be sexed by the presence of the white feathers in the tail. I'm pretty sure females don't ever show these.

    Great shots!

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. Dave, thank you for the info, I had some reservation too to label the bird with the shorter center tail a female, but when I saw the 2 birds moving together closely like a normal couple, I thought the 2 are male & female APFC...

  5. C'est toujours un plaisir de se promener sur ce blog!
    Magnifiques photos, magnifiques espèces !

  6. I have already said it but...you have such nice and original birds! Your shot are awseome, im always looking foward for new post on this blog!

  7. The long tail is amazing, so beautiful and unique!

  8. I've browse through your blog...i'm stunned. What a great birder u are and i'm really proud to know someone special like u. Keep it up bro...till we meet again one day (BNU familyday i wish..).