Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rhinoceros Hornbill

Temengor, Grik, Perak

With their very loud calls and large size, it’s quite easy to notice their presence, but getting good shots of them in their natural habitat, proved to be quite a challenge.

It was a hot, bright afternoon and I was taking a break near the river when I heard that familiar ‘croaking’ calls and the ‘woosh, woosh’ sound of flying Hornbills. A pair landed on some trees not far from where I was sitting. As always is the case with bird photography in our tropical rain forest, getting clean shots of birds up in the canopy are a real challenge.

The female Rhinoceros Hornbill was perched on a branch but obstructions from leaves and branches prevented me from getting  clean shots.



With those 3XL size bill, reach is never going to be a problem for them..



Heard the call from the male and she’s getting ready to leave…..



I found the male on a different tree about 50m from where the female was, but the lighting was simply horrible!



Managed to get a few more shots before they moved deeper into the forest.



  1. Seeing a hornbill is always exciting. Great shots, well controlled exposures.

  2. Hai Ari,
    I love all the photos that you capture. It is amazing. Pheww! I wish i can do the same but without DSLR camera hmm..maybe i can't get as neat as your photos. Anyway, keep up with your passion on nature. It's good to meet new friends with same interest. Already add your blog in my blog list. Drop by sometime.


  3. Some bird Ari and some pretty near unbeatable shots I would suspect.